Soldiers in Mind - May

May has seen Soldiers in Mind provide the first training session on bereavement and loss to Unit Welfare Officers.  Evaluation forms show this was exceptionally well received with the result that they are to be extended.

We have also trained and allocated therapists to all of our currently funded referrals and treatment sessions are beginning.

We are continuing to work closely with the British Legion Inquest Support Team.  We ensure that all the families we work with are referred to them for the valuable help and advice they provide in preparation for inquests.


Our sincere thanks go to Josh Deadman and his colleagues who raised over £2,000 for Soldiers in Mind by walking 100 miles across the South Downs in just two days!  You can see pictures at 100 mile walk for Corporal Brent McCarthy.

We are continuing to work with FAB holiday camps and make sure that all of the families and volunteers who wish to are able to participate.

We are looking forward to visiting Horseback UK in Scotland (another charity supported by DDMT) in preparation for providing them with a volunteer, which we hope will be enormously mutually beneficial.

Bereavement Work 

Bereavement work continues to be our main focus with over 20 families currently receiving support.  The scope of our work is increasing as we not only support families in the  immediate aftermath of having lost a loved one but also through the inquest process, securing funds and sourcing psychological support for those who need it.


The training that we have put in place over the past few months with the therapists and Unit Welfare Officers who will support families in the future, is forming a lasting legacy of the Soldiers in Mind work and principles.

Planning Ahead

We are continuing to communicate with other organisations, both military and non-military, to establish collaborative ways of working in the future to ensure that family members are well supported.

We will continue to develop our training programmes with Unit Welfare Officers and therapists to ensure these are as comprehensive and of as high a quality as possible, and provide the very best level of support to families.


The development of training materials and the scope of audiences targeted in May means that Soldiers in Mind is having far-reaching consequences for bereaved families and those who support them.  In addition to direct support from SiM, they are now able to access support in accordance with the principles of SiM from other organisations and peolple.